Samsung’s MagicINFO™ Cloud Software Solution

Bring your important content to life

Samsung’s MagicINFO™ software solution is a leading-edge, digital signage platform that elevates the power of displays to enhance your business. 

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Software that delivers a simple, all-in-one platform…

MagicINFO™ delivers a simple, all-in-one platform to link your display ecosystem from anywhere. Create and deploy captivating content, gain powerful insights, and flexibly manage and secure your hardware and software. MagicINFO™ elevates the power of your displays and improves business performance.

Holistic content management 

With MagicINFO, you can easily create dynamic, immersive digital experiences that engage, inform, and excite. 

Enhanced data-driven insights

MagicINFO delivers dynamic, real-time data without interruption, to optimize your business. 

Enterprise-grade functionality

MagicINFO’s flexible, open ecosystem allows simple integration into current systems for greater ease of use. 

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