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Avoiding Catastrophic Systems Disruption in a Pandemic Environment
Wildfires, epic natural disasters, terrorism, cyber-attacks, and now a worldwide pandemic. Has this become the new normal?  More than ever, disaster preparedness is critical to the survival of any organization, public or private.

Join us for this crucial three-part webinar series on taking new measures to protect your critical systems, including:

  • Updated design considerations for a solid disaster recovery plan
  • Leveraging Intelligent Automation (IA) for immediate recovery when staff is limited or incapacitated
  • 100% critical systems restore after a massive cyber-attack
Part 1:

Disaster Preparation: Critical Public Safety Systems Design to Enable Immediate Recovery

  • Building resiliency into a public safety system
  • Testing your resiliency system/plan before implementation
  • Live Demo: Instant workload shifts between multiple datacenters

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Part 2: Thursday, May 21st at 1pm EST

Enabling Automated Recovery: Recover Critical Public Safety Systems Instantly Regardless of Incapacitated or Limited Staff

  • Enabling instant systems recovery (e911) through proper planning
  • Zero-intervention Intelligent Automation (IA) recovery and failover
  • Live Demo: Application aware failover

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Part 3: Thursday, June 11th at 1pm EST

Avoid Catastrophic Disruption: Protect Critical Public Safety Systems from Cyberattacks and System Failures

  • Achieving 100% resiliency against cyberattacks
  • How to ensure multiple levels of data protection
  • Live Demo: Recovering critical data after logical corruption via data rollback model

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